On some tensor conditions of nearly Kenmotsu f-manifolds

Nearly Kenmotsu f-Manifolds

  • Yavuz Selim Balkan
  • Cenap Ozel king abdulaziz university
Keywords: Nearly Kenmotsu f-manifold, '-recurrent tensor, Kenmotsu f-manifold


In this paper, we continue to study on nearly Kenmotsu f-manifolds motivated by previous study. In this time, we prove that a second-order symmetric closed recurrent tensor is a multiple of the associated metric tensor on nearly Kenmotsu f-manifolds. Then, we get some necessary condition under which a vector Öeld on a nearly Kenmotsu f-manifold will be a strict generalized contact or Killing vector Öeld. Finally, we show that every '-recurrent nearly Kenmotsu f-manifold is an Einstein manifold of globally framed type and every locally '-recurrent nearly Kenmotsu f-manifold is a manifold of constant curvature.