Characteristics of lightlike hypersurfaces of trans-para Sasakian manifolds

  • Mohd Danish Siddiqi JAZAN UNIVERSITY
Keywords: Lightlike hypersufaces, trans-para-Sasakain manifold, quarter-symmetric metric connection.


The present literature, deal with three different types of lightlike hypersurfaces of a trans-para-Sasakian manifolds with respect to the quarter-symmetric metric connection, which is called re-current, Lie re-current and Hopf-lightlike hypersurfaces. Also, we have discussed some axioms of screen semi-invariant lightlike hypersurfaces of trans-para Sasakian manifolds endowed with quarter-symmetric metric connection. Moreover, we obtain few results based on conformal hypersurface, screen totally geodesic lightlike hypersurfaces. Lastly, we explore the integrability conditions for the distributions engage with the screen semi-invariant lightlike hypersurface of a trans-para Sasakian manifold with a quarter-symmetric metric connection.