Some characterizations of quasi-Einstein and twisted product manifolds



twisted product manifold, quasi-Einstein manifold


We first consider quasi-Einstein manifolds with concircular generator vector field. Secondly, we get a result for a twisted product alternative to a result of Ponge- Reckziegel [13]. Then we study quasi-Einstein manifolds on twisted product structures. In particular, we examine the effect of the condition of quasi-Einstein on a twisted product to its factor manifolds. Also, we obtain some conditions for a twisted product satisfying the quasi-Einstein condition to be a warped or a direct product.

Author Biography

Adara Monica Blaga, West University of Timisoara

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, West University of Timisoara, Bld. V.
Parvan, 300223 Timisoara, Romania




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Traore, M., Taştan, H. M., & Blaga, A. M. (2023). Some characterizations of quasi-Einstein and twisted product manifolds. International Journal of Maps in Mathematics, 6(1), 54–66. Retrieved from